Alabama Used Piano Dealers – Finding a Quality Used Piano in Alabama

March 10, 2012Leave a reply

Buying a used piano from Alabama used piano dealers can help you save money and sometimes it is better than buying a new one. On the other hand, each and every buyer should consider some important factors in finding a great quality second hand piano in places such as Alabama.

Due to the fact that there are a lot of used pianos offered in Alabama, a thorough and careful research must be made and seek help from professionals to make sure that you are getting a great deal with Alabama used piano dealers.

Here are the four factors that a buyer should take into account when shopping for a used piano in Alabama.

1. Check the Condition. When shopping for a used piano, you should ask on the condition of the used musical instrument. You should ask questions like: Where has the used piano been? When it was last underwent the tuning process? It is also better to also to ask if the piano has spent any time outside the house or in an appropriate location. This can make a musical instrument have more damages such as soundboard cracking, damages on case and finish, separation of bridge, and damages on strings.

2. Examine the strings. It is important to find a used piano that is in good condition. Check on the strings and look for rust in the region of the tuning pin in which the string is wrapped. Also, you should examine whether there is any missing strings. Take time as well to see if the hammers are in stable condition. Make sure that they are not grooved very deeply.

3. Ask about the tuning. It is also recommended to ask the dealer if the has been tuned recently or how often it was being tuned. Remember that a piano must be tuned at least two times a year.

4. Know the price. The price of a used piano varies according where the musical instrument was made. A used piano that was made in America can cost higher as compared to other important pianos. Nevertheless, American made used pianos are known to possess quality and excellence when it comes to craftsmanship.

5. Inquire about piano moving. Once you have purchased your instrument and have it checked, you’ll ready to take it home. But, you will have to settle first for moving arrangements with the piano dealer. Make sure that the piano will be able to fit through the door of your home. Bear in mind that if the piano doesn’t fit, you have to find a smaller one. Once the piano is moved improperly, it can cause damage and make it out of tune.

Sometimes, used pianos are better than brand new ones. However, a buyer must be careful and smart enough in choosing a high-quality used piano for sale in many Alabama piano dealers. A high-quality second hand piano can be wide kind of investment, in terms of money and quality of music that it can produce.



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